Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Featuring A Special Blogger

This is Tracy, she writes about the odd little things she sees both off and online. Tracy is also the owner/administrator of the I Hate My Message Board Forums, you can read the story behind how it all came to be here. She is a wife and mother to 5 boys. I just read a food article on her I Hate My Message Board written by her 13 year-old son Nicholas. Writing talent runs in the family because Nicholas writes like a pro.
If you have run across the chicken in a can post ,that was the brain-child of Tracy. Imagine my excitement when I had Tracy added as a friend on a social network not knowing she was the
one responsible for one of my favorite web-surfing finds ever! I haven't known Tracy long but I will tell you she is very kind and admirable. She is an amazing writer and I am so fortunate to be able to feature her on my humble blog. Please pay Tracy a visit. I know she enjoys the company. Make sure you read her about me page too.
Here is her website -I know you will enjoy it and meeting Tracy.

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Tracy said...

Oh wow! This is so sweet, I'm honored. Thanks so much!

It's great to get to know so many new and wonderful people through our blogs and other social networks, isn't it?

alilbit said...

I am honored to know you Tracy and yes it is great.Ty for the comment and for reading!