Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary Nut Cracker Or Ball Breaker LOL

Late Breaking News- FEATURED ON MSNBC-TV! Click here to see the news clip.

Order now for the Holidays and to insure you’ll haveHillary-cracked nuts for those primary parties.Demand is strong and growing!

Click here to see aHillary Nutcracker videoon YouTube!
Move mouse over her legs to see her crack a real nut!

"I know where I'll be doing all my gift shopping!"--- Laura Bush

Hillary Nuts in the shell also available!
" “I am not running andI am not a nut.Seriously, I am not a nut.”--- Al Gore

The Official Hillary Nutcracker T-ShirtsHeavyweight, 100% Cotton
For men
For women
"Hillary Nutcracker, that's redundant, isn't it?"--- Rudy Giuliani
"I can feel the squeeze.I can feel Bill's pain."--- Barack Obama

All quotes from America's most respected unidentified source. In other words, we made them up.
The Hillary Nutcracker - Patent Pending
Brought to you by
A division of Eagleview USA, Inc.
"No comment"--- Bill Clinton
© 2007 Eagleview USA, Inc.

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