Friday, January 11, 2008

Was It Creativity ?

I hardly ever get bored and especially when I am web-surfing. Well maybe wasn't boredom per se ,just an incredible burst of creativity. Yeah. that is what it was.
My daughter's cat looking at me with big woeful eyes didn't help either.Well actually it did help because it gave me the inspiration to make a cat toy.I spied some unused yarn in the hallway closet just sitting there doing nothing and acting all innocent. I cut 4 strands all the same length and tied it at 4 inch intervals. Cats seem to like hanging things,doesn't matter what as long as it dangles.

Anyway I had some notebook paper in my desk and formed it into a paper ball.Around the paper ball I wrapped more yarn so it was soft and squooshy-like.I left a tail on it so that i could tie it to the dangly string.

The cat started going nuts and I wasn't done yet. See, I have better things to do than dangle stuff for kitty even though he is a wonderful cat.

In my desk i found heavier paper rolled it into a long slim tube and attached the dangling ball.I taped everything with duct tape because as you know that stuff is indestructible.I think our troops should wrap their tanks in the stuff. I believe it even comes in camouflage nowadays.

So okay cat toy all done, and I set it up like a fishing pole and works real spiffy. Well the cat hates it now after all my creativity~I dropped a piece of leftover yarn on the floor. And yup you guessed it. he has been playing with that dang piece of fluff all morning. Even an old housecat is a critic these days.

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