Friday, February 29, 2008


I usually post photos but what I have been thinking about doesn't require one. In 2008 we will be electing a new commander in chief, and honestly I don't trust any who runs for office.I am usually not cynical or negative in my thinking. But seriously, folks are we ever going to change for real?Until we get leaders with open minds, compassion, and not into egotistic power and wealth we are once again in this for the long haul. I don't see that happening
.As a leader, seeing all the suffering in this world, I couldn't sleep at night knowing I am on a California King, dining on lobster, and driving a Mercedes Benz while others don't have a bed, food, or a floor for that matter.We all need to wake up and show the world and our own country that dammit we do care
!Show me a politician with even one of these values and I will definitely back that person.Time to end the lies, betrayal, and mudslinging.If people can't play nice in campaigning as adults, do we really want them governing us?I know I sure don't!
This is all my opinion like it or not, but we all need to stop and think. It's our kids, and grandkids future we are fighting and voting for. What world shall we plan for them?America is a country worth fighting for and many look up to us as a big brother/sister~I hope 2008 will set a great example for all.We all deserve it~
America is a great country and let's prove it this year.I am tired of settling and the choices are always too limited.

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