Saturday, April 04, 2009

Christian Salt HMmmmmm

Sit down and prepare yourself for one of the most ridiculous stories to hit the wire in a while.According to , a retired barber Joe Godlewski was getting sick of seeing so many television chefs gravitate towards kosher salt that he said: "What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?" and has created his own Blessed Christians Salt to compete. What makes his salt so wonderfully Christian? It's sea salt blessed by an Episcopalian priest. Godlewski (inspired by his name?) wants to "keep Christianity on the table, in the household, however I can do it," and claims that it has at least as much flavor and beneficial minerals as kosher salt.The ignorance in all of this just makes my head hurt. Let's back up to the world of kosher salt. It's not a branded label to sell a religion. It's a type of salt with increased surface area on the crystals, which absorbs blood more efficiently (to stay in line with Jewish dietary law). It is not blessed, but rather examined to make sure that the food and its process are, well, kosher. Television chefs aren't using it to advertise Judaism, but because it's easy to pinch and distribute.But it gets "better": If the guy succeeds with this project, he'll begin an entire line of Christian-branded foods including rye bread, bagels, and pickles.The kosher salt thing just reeks of ignorance, but this... I never thought Anti-Semitism and money paranoia would extend to any food a Jewish person (along with the rest of the world!) eats. Will this guy go so far as to include unleavened bread as well?But maybe it's just me. Do you folks watch the use of kosher salt and feel a sudden urge to convert?

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Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

interesting! I must say, I only use special salts, like himalaya salt and clean sea salt and herbal salt, because normal salt is just so unhealthy in so many ways. never thought of a religious meaning though... and of course it's a matter of taste!

alilbit said...

We have switched to sea salt too- I have always been a very bland cook because I cooked for my mom and she couldn't have added salt or even some herbs .I do use Oregano, thyme,garlic, and basil often .Cinnamon and peppermint added to tea or a hot beverage is good for tummy aches. Also ginger and I always stock up on ginger ale.