Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clooney Refuses To Be Made Into Tofu

Clooney declines sweaty tofu offer "George Clooney has declined an offer for his sweat to be used to make tofu.
Animal rights group Peta want to create the unusual vegetarian food by extracting George’s salty perspiration from his used gym towel.
The organisation wrote to the handsome actor asking for permission to create the product, saying: 'The technology actually exists to take your perspiration and make it into George Clooney-flavoured tofu (CloFu).
'Of course, your fans would swoon at the idea of eating CloFu but what interests us most is that we would attract many people who don't try tofu because they worry that it would be bland or that they wouldn't know how to cook it.
'The science is pretty straightforward. According to Dr Kevin Keener of Purdue University, all animals - including human beings - have unique odour profiles. Dr Harry Lawless of Cornell University reports that if you use a sample of human perspiration, it is no different than making artificial chicken flavour for instant gravy.'
The group obtained the towel from a fan, who was planning to put it up for auction until PETA came up with the alternative idea.
Explaining the product, Peta president Ingrid Newkirk said: 'I thought, 'What would make tofu more attractive to people?’ Cheese-scented CloFu could be used as pizza topping and in lasagne. CloFu will help people be healthier and more environmentally friendly and will spare animals from being killed for the table.
'I can see people having parties to try CloFu.'
Despite Peta’s excitement about the possible product, George has declined the offer.
The 47-year-old actor released a tongue-in-cheek statement saying: 'As a mammal, I'm offended.'

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