Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Love For Monkeys

Ever since I can remember ,
all my wish list consisted of was
getting a monkey.
I wanted Zippy the stuffed monkey first because
he was dressed cute and
had awesome white boots/shoes.
I didnt recieve him but it was okay,
since a few years later
I saw Clancy , the skating monkey on a TV ad .
Love at first sight!
Wow not only was he clothed, but he could
roller skate and hold my hand.
I begged all year long but once again Santa didnt deliver.
I got a bride doll instead and within a month she looked like Venus De Milo, because this brat child (ME)broke her arms off.
There was no replacement for Clancy-
WAAAAaa! WAaaaaa! WAAAAaaaa!
Thanks to Ebay I now have a mint-conditioned,
still in box, Clancy monkey on it's way to
Take that Santa Claus !
Here's a video to show Clancy in all his
awesome glory!Funny though,
I don't remember hearing the
gear noises when i was a kid . HMmm!

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