Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathroom Perv Incriminates Himself

"Bathroom Perv Catches Himself in the Act
Mar 19th 2009
By Matt Glazebrook
Have you seen this creep? Well, if you've been hanging around public bathrooms in New Paltz, N.Y., he may have seen you. Or at least, parts of you.

Police are looking for a 6-foot-tall bespectacled man in his late 30s with a beard and ponytail, after he left a tiny video recorder in the unisex bathroom of a New Paltz Starbucks, with the apparent intention of capturing customers as they went about their dirty business.

The reason cops were able to give out such a specific description of the would-be perv? Genius here managed to film himself while he set up his scatological spy-cam.

Starbucks employees discovered the 2-inch device a few hours after it had been placed and handed it over to police -- but not before it caught one unsuspecting coffee lover trousers-down. No word on whether it was a number one or number two, or whether the baristas took a quick peek at the footage before doing their civic duty."

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