Thursday, May 07, 2009


If mommy's definitions were placed in a Webster's Dictionary here is probably what could be found :D
*Booty call
[BOO-tee kawl] noun: A shout from the bathroom letting you know it's time to go wipe someone's butt.
[sleev-KUR-cheef] noun: What you use to catch your kid's snot when you're out of tissues.
[dahy-per-GAWM-ee] noun: That secret parenting fold that turns a nasty diaper into a tidy package ready for the trash.
*Keything Ring
[kee-THEENG-reeng] noun: What your keychain becomes in a teething pain emergency at the grocery store.
[boob-UH-fahy-er] verb: The act of using one's boob as a pacifier.
[woos] noun: The watered-down juice that's left in the bottom of your kid's sippy cup after you've refilled it throughout the day.
*Unhappy Hour
[UN-hap-ee-OU-er] noun: The hour between 5 and 6 PM when every mom in America is desperately trying to entertain whiney and hungry children while simultaneously fixing dinner and tidying up the house.
*Four Dora Day
[FAWR-dor-uh-dey] noun: One of those days when you ignore all TV limits and let your kids watch four, five or even six episodes of Dora in a row.
[juhst-uh-REY-zin] expression: What you tell your kids when they catch you sneaking into your secret chocolate stash (e.g., "No, I'm not eating chocolate. It's justaraisin. Want one?")
[pee-MUR-juhn-see] noun: When you've just pulled onto the freeway after loading 10 bags of groceries and three kids into the car and your kid decides to tell you that he has to go potty Right. That. Instant.
[in-VIS-uh-awhw-ee] noun: An owie that's so small you can't see it—but still requires a bandage to stop the crying.
*Snooze Control
[sn-OOZ cun-trol]verb: When you hand your kid the remote and flip to Noggin so you can catch a few more ZZZs.
[tawp-LER] noun: A topless toddler, usually caused by an unprepared mommy forgetting to bring along a change of clothes.

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Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very good to know!!!

alilbit said...

I like mommy lingo Sarah and TY

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to come and say thanks for visiting my blog! Come back anytime! :-)

And this post is so funny! Been there done that MANY times!