Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rude Product Placement?

It is dangerous to tell a woman that she is not beautiful. Each woman believes that beauty is her birth right. Each woman wants to hear those sweetest words in this world- you are so beautiful. (then, what about men? Leave them, who cares about them?)
So, will this ads work? The ad for dermaclay assures women that it will ‘Conceal all facial imperfections.’ Three women, their faces are covered with product descriptions. The faces are entirely covered. Are their faces so imperfect? Hmm. At least, the eyes could have avoided.
There is another factor. Even the most beautiful girl in this world (by the way, who is that?) may buy this product if a certain psychology works out. An ardent student, who prepares for a competitive exam, may buy the entire book he can. Because, he fears that the crucial question may come from this book. Like that, the perfect lady too may want to add more perfection.
Via: Ads of the world

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