Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Tale About A Tail

Mind you, the following story (for once) is not something that I invented, but instead came from my grandfather, who then told it to my dad. This story attempts to explain one nature's mysteries, why dogs sniff other dogs' butts. Here goes:
One day all the dogs went to an international dog convention. It was customary back then for all dogs to leave their tails at the tailrack. However, at this meeting a cat sneaked in and switched all the tails. When the dogs were returning to go home, they could not find their tails. Each stuck on the tail nearest them that looked like their own. However, many dogs had similar tails and each was uncomfortable wearing another dog's tail. Since dogs are gifted with a keen sense of smell, they all began sniffing to see if another dog's tail was originally theirs. During this time, they also discovered that it was a cat who switched the tails, so from that day onward, all dogs have chased cats in remembrance of that fateful day. This is why dogs sniff other dog's tails.
I was told this story when I was about 8, and I thought it was a pretty good tale to tell about tails. Hoped you have enjoyed the story as much as I did.

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