Friday, June 08, 2007

~Flag Stealing Squirrels ha ha

NEENAH, Wis. — Caretakers of the Oak Hill Cemetery noticed around Memorial Day that about 25 U.S. flags were missing from veterans' graves.
But the haphazard pattern of the thefts and the fact that the wooden dowels remained intact led them to believe the thieves weren't human.
"It's a pretty solid conclusion that critters are stealing our flags," said cemetery foreman Mark Alberts.
Such thefts have been a problem before. Squirrels took flags in Oshkosh and used them to line their nests a few years ago, and a groundskeeper at Forest Hill Cemetery in Eau Claire discovered dozens of missing flags in a squirrel's nest in 2006.
When crews cut down old trees in the cemetery, they typically find flag remnants in the hollows, Alberts said.
"We find a lot of flags all shredded up in there," he said. "They use them for bedding."
Alberts hasn't caught any flag thieves yet, but blackbirds have been seen trying to fly away with flag pieces.

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