Monday, June 04, 2007

Workman's Comp Complaints

My head injuries have created a permanent increase in libido which has led to two affairs and has ruined my marriage.

I got my right hand first finger in the saw while helping Mike and staying out of his way.

My finger bled and it affected my mind.

I chipped my tooth on a cookie while visiting a customer.

While on duty, I was hit in the face by a hand. My glasses were broke and something hit my eye. No one believes I was hit but it hurt!

Hot grease splashed on me and fried my thumb.

I was working on my job and got a pain at the the end of the week.

Accident unnecessarily occurred on account of a misjudgment.

I ran down the steps and when I got to the end, my feet wouldn't stop.

I had my hand in the machine while the air was off.

Someone turned on switches and folded my hand.

I was assaulted and attacked by a vicious employee because he didn't like me and I know it.

The patient was going to fall for me. I could not let this happen. In so preventing this, I caused myself damage to my knee.

This is for the cut on my hand, but I took the stitches out myself. However, I am filing on account of the watchdog biting me and on account of a hurt I got in a fall in the paint shop

In performing the job of which I am capable, I didn't know the machine was on and was showing my new helper what not to do and did.

I was proving that I could carry an air compressor and I strained my back.

I looked into the hose to see why the water did not come out. It came.

I sprained my ankle the same way I sprained my ankle before.

I hit my arm against the hopper, and got flea bites.

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