Monday, October 23, 2006

Bush signs detainee bill that includes new rules for harsh interrogation Tamil Tigers launch naval suicide assault No magic bullets for Iraq, October\'s U.S. death toll 67 Can You Tell a Sunni From a Shiite? China prods Kim to defuse crisis, U.S. vows to defend South Korea and Japan Feds Arrest 125 For Child-Porn Drunk breaks into jail Video games could have real-world application As jetliners descend, so will their volume Music industry launches fresh file-sharing assault What are 20 tons of explosives? Seven NEW Wonders of the World Radar system used to find meteorite in Kansas could be used on Mars One in four smokers doomed to get incurable lung disease Back pain is behind a debate The end of cod Which State Is Smartest? One bird’s battle with ugliness MLB fans can take team devotion to grave Tycoon art-broken after ripping $139 million Picasso Vida Guerra The ten most polluted sites in the world Bogus doc: I killed patient U.S. schools banning tag at recess to avoid lawsuits What\'s behind those fall colors? L.A. losing palm trees to fungus Taliban fights from marijuana forest, Colo. and Nev. vote to lagalize pot Brazil to call for global fund to save rainforests and cut climate change Wal-Mart union explores its workers voting power, Wal-Mart hyper-active in China GAO report lifts lid on credit card industry Official Celebrity Bra Size List Google Goes Solar Powered with largest corporate installation Chinese university to require golf class Storm warning for Hurricanes football program, FBI investigates NFL Web Threat Loss of species that pollinate is cause for global alarm Science world dubious over discovery of new element How To Have a Lucid Dream

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