Monday, March 19, 2007

A Chilly Day For The Blu-Eyed Rascal

I am usually hot-blooded so imagine my surprise when I awoke yesterday morning , freezin' some feminine pieces off!!I thought upon wakin' up that I had been thru a real wild nite and ended up in a snow drift somewhere. My blankets were heavy on top of me but i was still ashiver'.I sleep with a fan on also and I had that bugger set on turbo~~I was thinkin' Oh man this is just my luck as hubby was due back from work this A.M. but some guy got sick and hub had to cover for him.Amazing how things can go so wrong when ever hub's at work.

Hub is the type of guy that detests others doing anything around the house.This includes even installing a lightbulb unless he knows their life-history. So I went all day hunched in front of a space heater(at least I have one) with every blankie i could find wow what a site LOL.

I could have called him at work but I thought he would say well I'll be home in a couple days and will fix it then. Remember he is other-person phobic LOL. I almost dropped over when he said call a heating co. and get them to fix it- He said he was sure the pump went out.I am not used to calling anyone for help so I asked him "Will they know what to do? He said sure it is their job."Ok so I happily called the heat guys and the first thing he asked me is "Is the boiler warm or cold?" "I answer him with HMMMMMmm gee i dunno I would say probably cold_Just a guess here but there is absolutely no heat in the house.I hate questions that make me feel like an idiot which happens 98% of the time.

Anyway the guy showed up half an hour later I know *THUD* a prompt one . Had heat going within 15 minutes so I excitedly called hub at work and said Yay we have heat again!! I did it!! I made an important call!!.See hub's another person phobic but I am a phone-aphobic. He said" Great Honey now the pipes won't freeze." I am thinking maybe next week someone will be covering for him at work!!

You all have a great week HUGSSSSSSSSSSSsss***********

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