Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mohawk Almost Didn't Fit

Anna Clifford's brush with the law proved a hair-raising experience for all concerned. Particularly the police photographer. Gotta love her smirk!
He had to take several steps back to incorporate the full extent of her 18in-high Mohican.
Miss Clifford was stopped for erratic driving in the early hours after a night out to celebrate her birthday with friends in Memphis, Tennessee.
She had the car's sunroof open to accommodate her crowning glory.
Her performance in the standard test of sobriety – walking in a straight line – was distinctly average, but police said they were not sure if it was drink or her peacock-like hairstyle that was causing her problem.
A breath test confirmed that she was over the limit and she was taken off to the cells to sober up.
Police spokesman Sergeant Vince Higgins said: "We have to take the mugshot picture as the person looks at the time of the arrest, so we needed to make sure we got all her hair in.
"When we pulled her over she had been driving with her sunroof open to allow room for her hair. I don’t know what she'd do if it rained.

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