Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Picking A Good Horse Ahem Thru Astrology

Astrology For Horses
Not just for humans: Sun-Sign Astrology for Your Horse.
Just as the Sun is at the centre of our universe, the Sun is the central focus of energy in an equine natal astrology chart. As your horse gains maturity, the energy of the Sun-sign becomes more dominant. This happens, as the Sun sign progressively becomes the synthesis point for the various sides of your horse's personality. The Sun sign represents approximately 70% of the nature your horse's personality.
Let's say you have a horse that was born between November 23 and December 20. That horse, of course, is a Sagittarius:
The Sagittarius-sun horse is therefore naturally self-confident, honest, generous and free-spirited. This horse needs physical and mental freedom, so it is important to let your Sagittarius-sun horse out into a large open area as often as possible.
That would be a good horse. It would never lie to you, and it would happily share its oats with you.

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