Friday, March 02, 2007

An Anchorage Sunrise On Friday March 2 ,2007

Good morning everyone!! For some it is the end of a work week and for others just another day. Whatever it is to you I just hope it is a good one!
We have had a couple very windy days , at least here in Anchorage. The roof of the house sounds as if it would love to turn into a raven and take off.Seeems stuff like this always happens the week hub is away at work why is that?? And a couple days ago almost all my wash was done and the dryer decided it had had enuf and went kerplooey on me too! I have become quite an excellent toilet fixer now though LOL and can pound and screw my way past many hidden dangers lurkin' throughout this place .
The sunset i have here was taken by a pro~~unfortunately not me ~~ I am gonna try as soon as spring gets here as i am a big wussy in the cold- I have coffee ready and a log on the fire or will have when i wake up some. Fire and I don't get along so well at times ! You all take care pull up a chair and enjoy my fire- I will start one soon - Hugsssssssss~~smiles~~~~~~with sugar on top~~
Whoopsy fire and wind do not go together~~glad I thought ahead for once oh my goodness I am such a ditz Anyone know a good substitute for a fire??Any cavemen or women out there with camping skills??Ok how about Kum -Ba- Ya and a good ghost story??A good friend of mine had one of those ~~a real one at that!!About a death valley experience she had woooo (Shakin" here just thinkin' about it.")Bring marshmallows, chocolate, and all nukeable things along~~~ohhhhhhhhhhh man i so wanna have a fire~~~Have a great day everyone ~~I am really going this time I think~~

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