Saturday, March 03, 2007

Future Hotels

Get ready: Checking in at the Hotel of Tomorrow.
How can hoteliers best serve the road warrior of 2025? What technology will future tourists expect in their Travelodge? Those are the questions that led Chicago-based design firm Gettys and the Hospitality Design Group earlier this year to gather 100 industry experts, drawn from companies such as Starwood Hotels (Charts), Whirlpool (Charts), and strategy firm Phillips & Co.
The result: 1,000 game-changing ideas, many of which were unveiled at the Global Exposition and Conference for Hospitality Design in Miami in September.
A few examples of what you can expect:
The nanotech revolution means spotless antibacterial bathroom tiles, not to mention intelligent bathtubs that mold to the shape of your body. It's gentler on the environment too. Water from the sink and shower is filtered into the toilet reservoir, rather than going down the drain. And all toiletry bottles are biodegradable.
Can't decide what to wear to the big meeting? A reader scans the ubiquitous RFID tags in your clothes, and the room's software suggests the best combination - or points you to local clothing boutiques.
Pads on the bathroom floor read your vital signs while you're barefoot at the sink and figure out what nutrients you're lacking; they're then mixed in a gel and available in a dispenser next to the faucet.
Yeah, right.

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