Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mooseadventure Of The Too-Close Kind

Was having a wee bit of a problem with posting this morning!! Probably somethin' I did again ,seems I cannot leave things alone even when they are workin' fine. Other people's pages look normal I mean under the circumstances they do hee hee!!
Well the moose that loved me finally moved on to do it's business elsewhere so I am no longer confined to my house. He didn't leave empty-handed tho there is quite a pile full of Moosie Nuggets all over the front yard. Oh but they show up so nicely in the fresh white snow.I wonder if I have to clean up this mess of his?Naw if I was meant to the fish& game should have diapered the beast~~~Don't you agree??
Whooops got a bit ahead of myself there, here's the beginning of the story:
Yup went out to warm up the car so I had an armful of paraphenalia in my arms and headed out the front door. Ok right smack dab in my face was the most gigantic moose I ever saw!!My wonder dog was all ready to take my short trip with me so as soon as the door opened out he ran.I didn't have time to think but all I knew as that moose was not gonna step hoof into my house or on top of me either for that matter//.I was thinkin as I slammed the door on my poor innocent runt puppy, fend for yourself wee one , mama's a big chicken chit!!Also all my paraphenalia was scattered butt over noggin' everywhere, I mean my purse was packed to the tippy top and of course not even a piece of lint stayed in it!!
I did manage to get the courage to peek out at wonder puppy and at least he had the sense to hide underneath the car. I was so relieved as that lil guy knows no fear (unless someone passes gas them he is off like a rocket)~~When the moose had his back turned to me i yelled for Oscar and he was a real happy lil flea warming house and he was safe .Just as I was yelling for Oscar our neighbor ( a man) said 'Be careful there's a moose in your yard".I was thinking "oh is that what that is"? I was thinkin' it was just a tall, overweight, Great Dane that was lost. I was trying to see if the thing had owner's tags on him. Gee if it's a moose as u say I sure as heck owe you for saving my stupid rump huh?
Anyway, this all started early Saturday morning and all I wanted was to get to McDonald's before they stopped serving breakfast.The moose didn't seem to think I needed breakfast that badly cuz he camped out right next to my car all weekend. And as I said he left me a bunch of sweet little nuggets in his wake~~ Maybe i can varnish the nuggets and make jewelry or swizzle sticks out of them. Hey it works for the people in souvenir shops! Nawww I think I will pass maybe the neighbor man would like some in a pretty blue box and a bright yellow bow. I think he is havin' a Birthday soon LOL !! Take care have a great week and HUGSSSSSSSSSSSssssssss

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