Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coffee Guide by the Signs~~~~A shot of Astrological insight ...(coffee, anyone?)

  • Aries: First in line, first out the door -- a triple shot of espresso, and the Ram is off and running.

  • Taurus: Cappucino -- earthy simplicity wrapped in luxury for the ruler of the material world.

  • Gemini: Always of two opinions (and more than ready to share them), Gemini settles on a double latte -- half decaf, half regular.

  • Cancer: Cozy Cancer is right at home with a mocha -- all the comfort of cocoa.

  • Leo: Perfect presentation with enough kick to get the whole group going: macchiato.

  • Virgo: Precision is the only way: Virgo prefers Caffe Americano (regular house coffee is not an acceptable substitute).

  • Libra: No need to tip the scales -- Libra strikes a balance with CafĂ© au Lait.

  • Scorpio: Never prone to self-denial, Scorpio opts for all the sensuality of a breve latte -- one can barely taste the coffee, but isn't subtlety the name of the game?

  • Sagittarius: An iced caramel latte in the dead of winter seems correct to the Zodiac's thrill seeker.

  • Capricorn: Always efficient, Capricorn has found that a shot of espresso in one's coffee gets the job done ... and then some.

  • Aquarius: Organic raspberry tea is a refreshing alternative to coffee -- it transcends the boundaries of modern society, deeming caffeine unnecessary.

  • Pisces: Someday, Chai will replace coffee entirely, and Pisces will be ahead of us all -- meanwhile, they can sit back calmly, ready to ride the wave of the future.

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