Thursday, May 17, 2007

~~~Welcome to the world of the Malted monkey. Just as the title doesn't make sense, neither do I at most times.I do know what I want in life though and go with great gusto to obtain it.Boredom is a rarity to me as it seems everything i touch, see, or smell has some meaning to me.I get tired of one thing such as reading, I switch to drawing, from drawing to writing, writing to web surfing, web-surfing to something else. Find what you like even jig saw puzzles doesn't matter just take time to do it.
I'm not a big T.V. or movie fan as I would rather be learning or creating something.Even if it's just making postcards from an old cereal box and images from magazines, it keeps my mind and hands busy and I enjoy it.
I have had one of the hardest live's beyond anyone's wildest imagination and instead of being in a dark hole I chose to see life as a true gift. I fight everyday for my sanity as many people do; the difference is I use mine to my advantage. This is the mind and body I have on this earth and I will be danged if depression, anxiety, panic attacks, whatever are going to keep me from enjoying life.
If my blogging can help just one person enjoy life more I will be one very happy camper. One person can make a difference in the world~I am a living testimonial to that fact.

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