Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Folding George Washington

How to Make Paper Money Smile or Frown

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Instead of having George looking back at you from the one dollar bill with a dull stare, make your money smile!


  1. Start with the dollar bill facing you.
  2. Folding away from you, make a crease over George’s left eye.
  3. Unfold the Bill.
  4. Make another fold the same way over George’s right eye.
  5. Unfold the Bill.
  6. Make a fold in the middle of the two folds you just made. This time, you will fold in towards you.
  7. Pull the bill apart slightly and look at the face from either above or below. When you look from above, George appears to be frowning, but when you look from below, the frown changes to a smile!


  • Start With a New, Crisp Bill
  • Make straight, sharp folds


  • Don't Get a Paper Cut!

Things You'll Need

  • $1 Dollar Bill (Although any bill with a face should work)

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