Friday, February 06, 2009

The Ice Says No

When you talk to most people about global warming , one thing they always point to is the decreasing level of polar ice as evidence that, yes, the world is doomed. If they checked the statistics, the ice levels for the year of 2008 are absolutely identical. Even after trending lower through most of the year, the ice levels rapidly recovered late in the year, in fact, they were the fastest rate of recovery on record from September-December.
I’m sure we all remember the dire predictions that the polar ice caps would melt entirely, some claimed as early as 2008 and we’d all be left on rubber rafts with the rising tides lapping around our ankles. Yet in 2008 , lower polar temperatures and weaker winds than expected have led to a vastly increased ice cap coverage and we may see even stronger increases in years to come.
I agree we do need to take care of our home here on earth. But there are extremes that some people try to shove down our throats.Global warming is blamed for bridges collapsing in 90 degree heat while steel doesn't melt unless it is 1370 degrees.Quite a difference even to someone who is math deficient person like myself.
Remember this. Extremes in climate is how our canyons, mountains,lakes,oceans,rivers, landscapes were made.Our planet has it's own way of recovering too.Trees are growing back thicker than ever around Mt. St. Helen's WA. Don't even get me started on ANWAR. I don't consider myself political, I just think I have common sense.

The thing these people fail to recognize is that the planet goes through changes and it adapts. The planet has made it through a collision with another planet, through a 25-million year deep freeze, through half a million years of extreme volcanic activity, it’s been pummeled with asteroids and it’s survived. Compared to the worst catastrophes in history, where global warming really took off and caused major problems, our carbon dioxide output is barely a blip on the radar. The sky is not falling Chicken Little.
The radicals would rather pretend like it’s the end of the world. It’s not the end of the world, the planet is going to be fine no matter what we do to it.Maybe we won't survive ,but then again maybe we will. That's life. I think it's arrogant on our part to think we can destroy a planet. We may kill ourselves off, the planet will move on and in another couple of million years, some other species/aliens, maybe even monkeys, will take over and may actually learn a lesson from our extinction. Wouldn’t that be an interesting idea?

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