Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To Spy A Liar

When people lie they often…
*Look off to the side (An intimidated Liar).
*Speak with a stammer (Make it up as you go Liar).
*Speak in a muffled tone (Shy about it Liar).
*Can not hold a straight face (Crooked faced Liar).
*Repeat things (I don't know what I just said Liar).
*Contradict themselves (Contradicting Liar).
*Often say, “Oh, I didn't know that” (Play dumb Liar).
When people lie they can't look you straight in the face. Many times, they look off to the side. The eyes don't lie (this is the most common species).
When people lie they can't get words out because they are trying to make
up a lie as they go. “I was… I was going… I was going to the… to the… to the mall.
When people lie they often speak gibberish. “See…what…had happen… was.”
When people lie sometimes they grin (signifying that they are thinking of tricking you) and can't hold their face straight.
When people lie it's hard for them to remember what they said. Later on the person might repeat his/herself telling the story differently every time they tell it to someone else. “My friends and I was kicking it last night.” “My homeboys kicked me last night.” Then it's “My home boys jumped me, punching and kicking at my face last night.”
When people lie they sometimes contradict themselves. “I went to the store already.” They later it's “I need to go to the store to pick up some things.”
When people lie they like to act like they didn't know. “Oooo, that sign told me not to touch FOR reasons. I thought it meant that there are FOUR reasons to touch it.”

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