Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why Do Monkeys Throw Poo?

This question sounds asinine but having a monkey as a logo this subject actually comes up a lot. So I went to Wiki- answers to research this and these are the results I found.
Q.Why do monkeys or apes at the zoo throw their feces?

A.Wouldn't you if you were caged up and had monkeys staring at you all day! They are ticked off! Don't get too close to the cage because they will try and pee on you as well. The message is clear ... get lost! Reminds me of "The Planet of the Apes."
A.Because they can! Apes and monkeys get bored, and sometimes don't have other things to throw. I have seen them throw vegetables as well as toys, however the less bored they are, the less they throw things.
A.It is a defense mechanism.
The results may not be scientific but they seem rational.

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