Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleepless In Alaska

Here it is almost 3:00 A.M. Thursday morning and I am still awake.My mind does not want to shut down so trying to sleep is a futile idea.
Been searching for hours for something to blog about and my mind won't allow it. While I have been sitting here my 2 dogs and Chase Kitty have decided they want my bed tonite.They are so cute while sleeping, just like toddlers. When they are awake they are heck on wheels !
The baby kitty Pixy is patiently waiting for me so she can snuggle up and purr my ears off. She also has the habit of kneading my chest until she falls asleep. Darling huh? I just love her so much!
My next project will be getting a camera so I can share the rascals with you.
I can't wait for spring. Anchorage had a rainy and chilly summer in 2008 so we feel cheated. Almost a full year of cold and miserable weather.Then the groundhog supposedly saw his shadow so we are not amused. I think next year they should just let the grumpy little rodent sleep.
Well time to shuffle along somewhere I am getting butt cramps. Ciao!

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