Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Know Things About You

Here's a little something about me you probably didn't know.I have psychic abilites.Yup you read that right, and NOOOooo I haven't gone divin' in a shallow pool either~~Here you go all you skeptics in computer land~~I will show you proof ~~~
I will read all your minds right here and now~~~free of charge~~on this very page~~get ready to be amazed:
You ~
A. Have access to a computer.
B.Are a male, female, or both~~Hey I'm hep
C.Have opposible thumbs.
D.Have clicking talent.
E.Have at least a third grade education.
F.You have likes and dislikes.
G.Have weather
H.Were born naked.
I.Have a birthday. And finally on to J.
J.Have to be bored out of your gourd to be actually taking the time to read this rubbish.
K. Hopefully you will leave with a smile~~alilbit/2007

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