Wednesday, April 25, 2007

~~Meet Justy~~

Now you are a person that I would love to meet,

You have a beautiful nature composed and sweet.

A voice so rich and melodious in tone,

You never grumble you never moan.

Encouraging, endearing so serene,

Such a person rare to be seen.

An example to one and all,

Waiting to help if one should fall.

In your eyes you show your soul,

Just to be like you will be my goal.

You that help all on their way,

Even on a good or very bad day.

I would just love you to greet,

As an honoured guest you would be neat.

For you are a person that I would love to meet,

Then my own nature would be extra sweet.
I would like to introduce you to a terrific gal called Justy.Justy is the kind of person who will take you under her wing and make you feel wanted.Justy is full of life and always makes a person feel at ease. Justy has ways to make you laugh out loud and doesn't pretend to be someone else.Justy has true character and definitely makes life fun. I love you Justy.

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