Monday, April 30, 2007

My Star

by Randy DeMedici
In a vacant field, in the dead of the night;
Gazing up at the sky, I think of my plight.
Billions of stars in the heavens above;
Knowing these stars all represent love.
A star for each person, that much I can see;
A star for each person, but no star for me.
Tell me what I did wrong, tell me... how did I fall?
A life without love, is no life at all.
Suddenly in the darkness, intense shining light;
A beautiful star, so brilliant and bright,
Catches my eye and outshines all the rest;
Feelings of joy fill the hole in my chest.
Could this be my star, is this one for me?
So perfect to look at, how can this be?
Oh, that I could have wings and fly up above,
To be with my star, the one that I love.
I reach towards the sky; can't she see that I'm here?
She knows not who I am; my eyes shed a tear.
I know I will give all the love in my heart;
She's so close to me now... still, too far apart.

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