Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jesus Appears In Skywriting

Religious skywriter tags Epcot Ricky sez, "Religious writing dominated the Epcot sky this morning. The whole bit of skywriting wouldn't fit in my camera's frame. To the left of Jesus was a giant smiley face (probably as large as Spaceship Earth, if not larger). It then read 'Jesus Loves You' next to the face. The skywriting stopped everyone in their tracks throughout Epcot, as everyone pulled out their cameras to snap a photo of a rare religious sight in a Disney park." Link
Update: David sez, "The religious skywriting on top of Disney World is a rather common sight in the Spring and Summer. He will usually write things like 'Praise Jesus,' 'Jesus Loves You'" and draw a smiley face and a heart." Here's the guy's website

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