Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doggie Debts

Is your dog digging a lot
of holes? We may have the answer to why__ your dog may be suffering from acute identity crisis syndrome.It has been estimated that ninety percent of all dogs have an owner identity complex. This is due in large part to poor self-esteem. Your best friend may believe that he'll be stuck in a rut without the chance to get a leg up on life.After a group of prominent dog psychologists determined that many of today's dogs are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, the Department of Homeland Security funded a study that found that the canines were attempting to dig their way to China in hopes of fleeing a dog's life.Help is now available, so that dog owners can put their mutts on a line of credit and the pathway to better self-esteem and success. Your dog may be eligible to receive Dog House Equity Loans by law, that are also F.I.D.O. insured. With a Dog House Equity Loan, canines are finally empowered to improve their dog houses, and consequently, increase their dog-house equity; all while improving their self-respect and quality of life.Don't force your dog into the dog poor house. Get him to apply for a Dog House Equity Loan before the crap starts to pile-up. Your dog will be so happy with his new digs, and you won't get stuck in the dog house.Once your dog's Dog House Equity Loan is secured, as he is your legal guardian, you may be required to assist in his home improvements__ refer to the landmark case of Rover Vs. Wade for more information.

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