Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tour Of Bon-Bon Land

BonBon-Land is the 4th largest amusement park in Denmark and Denmark’s 5th biggest tourist attraction in 2005. At BonBon-Land you meet more than 60 hilariously wacky, dizzying and harrowing amusements and activities.Today was our visit to BonBon-Land. It's difficult to find a word to describe BonBon-Land because this is like no other park I've ever been to! You can use the words: Quirky, Bizarre, Disturbing, Perverted, etc... they all apply! How do you describe a park that has really nice theming, but themed to candy characters based on toilet humor?

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It has been described as the characters featured throughout the park look like they have been drinking too much and feel the need to vomit.