Friday, January 19, 2007

Build A Bear - I love These

I don't usually blog to plug a product but I am happy to endorse this one. The reason I thought of it is I just received "Champ Bear" whom I ordered just a few days ago online. Certain bears will give 1$ of it's profits to a charity."Champ is one- he comes with patches sewn on him to represent certain trials kids go through. "Champ comes with a purple one to represent "Nicki" a child who loved teddy bears but lost her battle with cancer at age 15.I lost my son in 2005 (he was 24) and "champ "has a yellow patch that I associate with him.He didn't die from cancer but I feel the yellow patch represents my love for him. Anyway, Build A Bear has many different shapes and sizes of teddy bears and several other animals.They even make them different designs for holidays such as the Valentine bear pictured.All the animals come in a unique box which is their home- very cute!! The web address is WWW. Build-A-Bear. com u don't need the capitals i typed it that way so easier to read.Check them out you can also pick a message,outfits, and accesories for the animals if you wish. If you have a workshop near you, which we don't, it is quite the place to visit-many surprises there-Word of caution they are so adoreable you may get addicted and they make excellent year round gifts!

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