Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hiccupping Monkey Is Abandoned

Sokojoo the baby monkey has been abandoned by her mother - because of her chronic hiccups.The tiny Colobus started the noisy spasms within days of being born on December 30.Staff at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall said she was gulping down milk from her mum Sierra too quickly and making the ’hic’ sound after every feed.The problem got so bad that Sierra refused to feed her and started sitting on top of the 800g mite as a sign of rejection.Keepers have now removed Sokojoo from the Colobus enclosure and are hand-rearing her with a bottle.But the burping baby - whose name means ’hiccup’ in the Mandinka language of her native Gambia - is still sounding off after her regular feed every two hours.See a video of Sokojoo here.

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