Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do You Want Nuts On That

Top 10 Ways to Tell if Your Ice Cream Man is Nuts
By Footey***10. he escaped his mental institution by piecing together old ice cream sandwich wrappers and lowering himself out the window 9. he is your nutty buddy 8. he thought selling ice cream in january was a good way to avoid competition 7. he pumps out that annoying music at a measly 640 watts 6. he got tired of driving around and just decided to park on the street corner and let his business come to him.....only he parked next to the entrance to baskin robbins 5. while selling ice cream in january he offers snow cones made real snow...don't eat the yellow ones 4. he doesn't own a refrigerated truck 3. he asks for the money up-front and then he licks your ice cream right before he hands it to you 2. his other job is a mail man....he did both jobs at the same time until that day when he gave little johnny a the smith's income tax return check and placed a cherry snow cone in the smith's mailbox 1. he thought it would a good idea to change the business as we know it...he sits in his truck at the corner and calls each house on his cell. phone, he figures...what's one more telemarketing call while the family is eating supper

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