Thursday, November 23, 2006

Man Suffers From Viral Cavities

Man Suffers from Rare tooth decay Virus
Tibet - Vaskar Glanchu has been to every dental specialist in Asia and Europe, hoping to find a cure for a rare dental condition known as "Losaallatiths Fastus". Now he is on route to California, where he will get examined by the top specialists in the field of dentistry.
Vaskar is 14 years old, and until last March had a perfect set of teeth, without any indication of even the smallest cavity. On March 18th, he bit into an apple and noticed that 3 of his teeth had loosened, and had imbedded in the fruit. He gazed into the mirror, horrified to see that his mouth was now a rotting nest of spectacular and unsightly tooth decay. Amazingly, in just one evening , the gleaming set of white teeth he had been proud of was now a black pit of stench.
His parents reacted as expected. Mr. Glanchu scolded him for " not brushing after every meal". In hindsight, she admits the decay set in quite rapidly - " I am knowing my sonny boy have gooding tooths, and now no gooding tooths" she said in broken English.
Dentists in Germany had initially discovered the root of his dental problems, but had no quick fix for the boy's ailment. Says Doctor Van Freudlien - " he is in severe shock due to the extreme decay in his mouth...he is really going to need a good set of dentures if he ever expects to get a date...". US doctors have already prepared a quarantine room for him in case the virus can infect others. Says Dr. Kelsy Helson of the Disease control Institute - " We need to protect the population from a dental virus like the Tibetan boy has...should our population get infected, we may see 30 million kids walking around with ugly as hell teeth like Vaskar".
Parents are urged to get medical attention if any sign of a "quick" decay is suspected.

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