Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maybe They Need To Lay Off The W.T. Whiskey

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Most Thanksgiving turkeys are carried in through the front door. But one broke through Sandy Cobbs' dining room window.
On Thursday, Cobbs was in her kitchen preparing sweet potatoes and vegetables when she heard a thunderous crash. Her husband, Bill, tried to hustle the bird back outside, but it bounced off some more windows and retreated to a big pot of orchids. Police finally herded the bloody bird out the deck doors.
"It's terrible. My house is a disaster!" Sandy Cobbs said Friday, glass still littering the bloody carpet in her dining room. "I just couldn't believe it was Thanksgiving and there was a live turkey in my house."
Worse yet, it was the second time it happened. Police Sgt. Mike Roepke confirmed that on Christmas Day in 2004, a turkey came through the same window.
The couple live near the Hyland Lake Park Reserve in this Minneapolis suburb, and they said they see wild turkeys nearly every day.
"At first I thought my buffet fell over. It was so loud and kept crashing," Cobbs said. "I went in there and said, 'Not again. Not again.' He was huge — 2 or 3 feet tall."
Cobbs said her insurance company doesn't think it's funny either. The last turkey attack caused nearly $10,000 in damage, including broken windows and ruined carpeting and drapes.
"I don't know if I can turn in another claim," she said.

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