Saturday, November 25, 2006


1. If i say what is on my mind, and nothing is ever on my mind, am i a mime?
2. why isn't a ten speed bike called a ten gear bike? it can go more than ten speeds, since speed or velocity is dependent on how far and how long the person rides the bike. you know, the same thing goes for stick shifts....a five speed, four speed...i don't think so. can you imagine telling the officer, i couldn't have been going that fast, that is not one of the 5 speeds my car will go.
3. money really does grow on is made of paper....paper is made from wood.....wood comes from trees...when trees grow, they make more wood....which in turn can be used to make more paper...andthus more money
4. i wonder what a traffic judge would say, when i tell him the ticket states how fast i was going and not what that speed is relative to....physics tells us that speed is relative.....logically speaking if the cop is behind me going 65 and i am going 68, then relative to the cop car i am going 3 to really throw him for a loop, bring in the fact that our measurement of speed on earth is all messed up, b/c our measurements of speed don't take in the fact that the earth is constantly moving, thus relative to the earth spinning, standing still we would be breaking the speed limit.
5. if non-christians are said to be lost, then did the people on the road (path) less taken, stop and ask directions at God's quickie mart?
6. does life ponder its meaning?
7. we exist because we have a purpose and our purpose is to exist
8. if the groundhog was on a jury, would he then see a shadow of doubt, rather than his own shadow? what would that mean for our weather?
9. ever notice how people go outside in the winter, 20 degrees outside and ice on the ground, and say that it is "colder than hell".....assuming that water freezes at the same temp. in hell as it does on earth, does that mean hell has froze over?
10.. why do people like the corner pieces of cornbread?

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