Thursday, November 23, 2006

Runsssssss For The Border

Woo-Woo's to all my partners in crime!
Well my one piece of advice for all you bad dogs out there is to leave any and all Taco Bell leftovers alone!
Mom accidentally left the door to the trash can open on Sunday. Just as any bad dog would, I went trash diving. I found some very tasty Taco Bell leftovers. Yum! Mom caught me right as I was finishing so that's all I got this time around.
Boy, did I regret it the next morning. Mom says she woke up to the tell tale sound of "squirts" coming from the living room. She was too tired to get up and investigate at 4 am so, she waited until morning. You should have seen the look on her face when she found it! I tried to make it into the kitchen (where there's tile) but, I wasn't fast enough. I had runny poop all over the living room. Mom says I must have been walking and squirting in a circle cause that's exactly what she found! I had made a nice 4 square foot circle of runny poop! I thought that I should at least get some props for originality... But not this time. Mom wasn't too mad, she said it was partly her fault for leaving the door open to the trash can. And I made sure she knew I was sorry. I woo-woo'd and nudged her while she was cleaning it up. She just turned around, gave me a hug and told me that it was alright. Whew! The runny poop was bad enough, but it would have been unbearable if mom had been mad too! Anyways, stay away from Taco Bell... especially if it's got something called "hot sauce" on it. I felt that stuff going in and coming out! Not fun!
Woo-Woo's for now!

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