Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rabbit Does The Trick

Omaha authorities are labeling it an elaborate hoax but are still searching for Omaha stage magician, "Amazing Dave" after witnesses at last night's performance say that a "rabbit" reached out of his hat and allegedly pulled the magician in."Cottontail's our rabbit", Dave's 10 year old son told police explaining,"We found Cottontail down by the creek when I was little, I named him Cottontail because he has a cotton tail and Dad started using him in his magic act."One witness at last night's performance said,"Everything was going along ok until Amazing Dave reached into the hat to grab that rabbit by the ears again and suddenly two paws came out, grabbed Dave by the lapels .. "Lionel Olsen, owner of the magic club told authorities,"The last thing we saw was Amazing Dave's boots disappearing into the derby. After he was IN the hat we heard a brief struggle .. inside the hat then .. silence. Freaked everybody out. I told my wife Lisa,"Now that's one HELL of a trick! We've got to book that guy again! " Amazing Dave's wife, Simone spoke with reporters saying,"Dave and Cottontail didn't get along too well. Cottontail didn't seem to like Dave pulling Cottontail up by the ears all the time. And thumping him on the nose. And painting him pink on Easter and .. swinging him around by his tail so there's always tension I think between Dave and Cottontail.Omaha police now have the hat in custody and are reportedly asking physics majors at Omaha Junior College to examine the hat for possible links to portals into alternate realities."Aside from calling Art Bell that's the best we can do for now", police chief Tim Rollins told reporters explaining,"Apparently the rabbit had it in for the magician but even if we find the rabbit we can't charge him with anything more than a class 2 misdemeanor in this state."Leavesden Studios denies rumors that young actor, Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter was contacted by Omaha police in hopes of coming up with some type of Harry Potter type Goblet of Fire type Harry Potter type lead

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