Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hee Hee

The trouble with bucket seats is that not everyone has the same size bucket. "My Dears," gushed the matron at the bridge party, "my resolution this year is never to repeat gossip, so for heaven's sake listen carefully the first time. The personnel manager checking the job reference of an applicant, asked the man's former employer if he was a steady worker. "Steady?" came the reply."Why he was practically motionless." The little boy at the zoo stared at the stork for a long time, then turned to his father and said, "Gee Dad, he doesn't recognize me." A convenioneering husband sent his wifea telegram that contained an unfortunatetypographical error "Having a wonderful time,"it read. "Wish you were her." A couple who gave their college age daughter a carfor Christmas put a card on the windshield. It read:"With all our love, Mama and Pauper." A friend of mine found out that it doesn't pay to takesigns seriously. He passed by a novelty shop and on thewindow there was a sign reading "Sale, Last three days."He bought an item an sure enough, it lasted three days. In a test given to a Sunday-school class appeared the question: "What is the fifth commandment?"One pupil answered: "Humor thy father and mother.

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