Friday, November 24, 2006

Guy Who Thought He Was Dumbo Learns The Hard Way That He's Not

Man claims he can fly - diesWaco, TX - "..He might actually make it, oh no!." shouted Dr. Leggy, who was a spectator at the annual Waco Avionics show.
Apparently Jim Palmer, who is known as a local nut case, has been claiming that he was Dumbo from the old Walt Disney children's movie. Jim, who .".liked to grab his ears while flopping them around ran up and down main street on a daily basis.." said Waco bar owner Ted Pliant. "He was always doing crazy things. One time he came into my bar and screamed, looked around, and then left. That guy was a few beers short of a 6 pack."
Jim, who thinking he could fly, had been telling everyone at the show he could fly since the show started at 9:00am. During the sky dive show Jim snuck himself on the plane and at 2500 ft threw himself out of the cargo hatch at approximately 10:55am. Performing a pure tuck all the way down Jim splattered himself on runway 5 south killing himself and injuring 2 runway attendants.
"I thought it was part of the show, it was actually kinda of cool cause he was just plain hauling ass." spectator Ryan Bails said. "I knew something was wrong with the announcer started screaming for the paramedics to get to the runway."
"Jim thought he could fly and he got his chance. I wish he would of picked a better day to do it but oh well." said Reagan Fairchild, show spectator. "It's just terrible."

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