Monday, November 20, 2006

This Is A Great Fairy Whom I Would Love To See-Love flambouyant People Hee Hee

A MYSTERY man called the “Hairy Christmas Fairy” has been splashing out hundreds of pounds spreading cheer to stunned shoppers.
The beefy middle-aged man dresses in a pink fairy outfit including tutu, tiara, wings and wand, tiger-print pants and white fishnet tights.
Over the past few days he has paid for people’s shopping and handed out free lottery tickets in towns across Cornwall.
Each time the 6ft 4in man in his 50s leaves a card with a picture of a fairy and a handwritten note saying: “You’ll be hearing a lot about me — the Hairy Christmas Fairy.”
He first appeared in Warren’s Bakery in Helston when he spent £40 on pies and pasties for every customer.
Shocked shop worker Sonia Hocking revealed: “He said, ‘It’s not a joke, or a hoax, I just want to buy everybody pies.’ We thought it was bit odd - but he said ‘trust me’. Every time a customer came in he’d say lunch was on him.
“He got a few odd looks but if someone is offering to buy you a sausage roll you don’t say no. He was very friendly.”

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