Thursday, November 23, 2006

Paris Lacks Class

On Howard Stern this morning, Tina Fey opened up about what a "nightmare" it was to have Paris Hilton as a "piece of fanny fudge" guest host.
The cast had a running bet to see if the self-obsessed Hilton would ask a single personal question to any cast member at any time during the entire week. She asked one, according to Fey, to Seth Meyers, about the ethnicity of another cast mate.When the discussion turned to Hilton's looks, Fey complained that strands of Hilton's "gross Barbie hair" were found all over the set, and that up-close, Paris actually "looks like a tranny."We actually sort of feel for Paris. Like, we're pretty sure that Andy Samberg is Jewish, but is Kenan Thompson black? Who knows.

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