Saturday, November 18, 2006

Elderly Delinquents

LONDON (Reuters) - Two elderly women whose pictures were plastered across newspapers Thursday after they were caught on camera stealing a bag at a railway station have turned themselves in.

Police said the women admitted the offence and have received an official caution in a case variously dubbed the "Grey Train Robbery" and "Gran Larceny."
The women contacted police after the case received blanket media coverage under headlines such as "Nans on the Run" and "Artful Codgers."
A security camera image released by police showed two silver-haired women, in their 60s or 70s, wearing knee-length skirts, white blouses and overcoats at Sunderland station.
Police had appealed for help in finding the women after a student's bag was stolen from a station platform.
"(They) have handed themselves in," police said in a statement. "They have subsequently been interviewed and have admitted the offence. Both have received police cautions."

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