Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guess His Calling Was E-Bay Man I Am Seeing Red Again!!

Washed Up Prayer Requests
This is odd: Letters to God End Up in Ocean, Unread.
Some of the letters are comical (a man asking God to let him win the lottery, twice), others are heartbreaking (a distraught teen asking forgiveness for an abortion, an unwed mother pleading with God to make the baby's father marry her). The letters _ about 300 in all, sent to a New Jersey minister _ ended up dumped in the ocean, most of them unopened.
The minister died two years ago at 79. How the letters, some dating to 1973, wound up bobbing in the surf is a mystery.
"There are hundreds of lives here, a lot of struggle, washed up on the beach, "said Bill Lacovara, a Ventnor insurance adjuster who was fishing last month with his son when he spotted a flowered plastic shopping bag and waded out to retrieve it. "This is just a hint of what really happens. How many letters like this all over the world aren't being opened or answered?"
Many of the letters were addressed to the Rev. Grady Cooper, though many more simply said "Altar." According to the text of several of them, they were intended to be placed on a church's altar and prayed over by the minister, the congregation or both.
And, of course:
He is putting the collection up for sale on eBay.++++++Is it just me or is this just plain a$$ wrong????

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