Monday, November 06, 2006

Woman tasered, charged with animal cruelty
Police used a Taser to arrest a 58-year-old woman Thursday, after she became irate when officers removed her dog from the back seat of her car as she shopped in the Brooksville Wal-Mart.
Linda Grass of Brooksville was charged with animal cruelty and two other misdemeanors - obstructing an officer and refusing to sign a citation - after she found a Hernando County sheriff's deputy standing outside the car with her black dog, according to a report from the Sheriff's Office.
The deputy had pulled into the parking lot at 7305 Broad St. about 30 minutes before and noticed the dog panting through a 6-inch space left by a lowered window. When Grass didn't come out right away, the deputy removed the dog.
After explaining that leaving animals in cars is unsafe in Florida weather, the deputy then requested Grass' driver's license to fill out a report.
Grass, who had gotten into her Volvo, put the car in reverse and attempted to back up while the deputy was behind it getting the license tag number. Another deputy and an officer from the Brooksville Police Department came, and she continued to rev the engine.
She then refused to sign a citation and told officers to take her to jail. As they tried to handcuff her while wrestling her to the ground, Grass resisted and pulled one of her hands free.
Officers then placed the Taser on her back. Grass fell forward, was handcuffed and taken to the Hernando County Jail. Friday evening she was still there in lieu of $1,000 bail.

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